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Leadingship 1-1 coaching focusses on recognising and becoming available to the power & efficiency of Non-Personal Inspiration. It starts with an intake session via Skype to clarify and align mutual intentions. The coaching track is offered in series of 3 sessions (±1,5 hours each). After each series will be checked whether there’s a valid reason for more coaching or whether some integration time is needed.

‘Arnold has worked with our organisation multiple times over the last two years. Every time he has enabled us to see through the illusions of any individual or organisational challenges. This has established a mature and honest connection between employees and it has contributed to the growth and development of each individual and the organisation as a whole. His training and coaching comes with integrity, a good sense of humour, deep experience and wisdom. Arnold has a real talent for making uncomfortably high hurdles look easy to cross.’
~ Sigrid Maas, HR Director NHG, NL.
‘I have never, ever met a more truthful, authentic and touching leader in my life. Arnold's influence on my life - personal and career-wise - has been nothing but bliss. I recommend Arnold for any business and person who really wants to unshackle the burden of ego in the service of the unlimited possibilities of the moment and truth. True wealth, prosperity and meaning are just starters on this menu. Bon appetit!’
~ Ofer Eyal, business coach, Israel.
‘Arnold naturally expresses a fine balance of grounded, authentic action, deep heart-centred integrity and spiritual & emotional maturity. He’s passionately interested in helping you find the freedom & inspiration you want and he doesn’t hold back. He is inspirationally uncompromising in his commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility.
~ Joel Young, Owner NPA Central, U.K.
‘If you’re ready for change, if you’re ready for your next step, this concept is perfect. It brings you back to basics and allows fundamental questions to be answered.’

~ Lucas Covers, Group CEO XL Video, Belgium.  




Leadingship 1-1 training is an intense, direct and uncompromising track to becoming a cutting-edge source of influence & inspiration. It caters for professional influencers who are ready to move beyond the old paradigms of personal & professional development and who prefer 1-1 guidance. It starts with an intake session via Skype to clarify and align mutual intentions. The training track entails 11 sessions (±1,5 hours each).


This track is designed to create more efficient & sustainable leadership dynamics between team-members and between them & their following. This is not a track of theory and dry skills. This is a journey of self and system exploration. A custom-designed combination of training and coaching will be offered, which will include intake sessions and 1-1 coaching. Training sessions will be offered on a mutually agreed location away from the work environment.


4 Days in nature (Spain, Wales, Estonia, Canada), far away from laptops, smartphones, meeting rooms and infused pressure. Remote and inspirational nature combined with hands-on facilitation open the doors to new insights, perspectives and sustainable action. These retreats can be undergone as standalone tracks or in combination with other leadership development programs. You can read more about the retreats here  



So far clients have been commenting how Leadingship Facilitation has led to emotional & mental clarity, increased efficiency/productivity/creativity, innovative & authentic leadership styles, aligned life & career choices, stress & burnout reduction, individual & systemic wellbeing, reduced absenteeism, increased conscious communication, conflict resolution, natural culture change & reorganisation.

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