You might not want to hear it, but... today’s

leadership has nothing to do with you in a certain position being a person of influence and responsibility. It’s much less personal, in fact it is very NON-PERSONAL!

Today’s leadership dynamics are defined by 1 thing: people following a lead that is inspiring to them in that particular moment. If something doesn’t inspire right there right then, we simply don’t feel inclined to follow it. So the key element to today’s leadership is present moment inspiration. Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

We have been pumping enormous mounts of money into research and schooling of the ‘right’ kind of repeatable inspiration and leadership. It has led to a wildfire of dogmatic leadership theories, which create a formularized and controlled environment of personal & positional influence. Meanwhile our rapidly changing technological, economical, political and cultural times are asking for a much more flexible and fluid yet sustainable source of inspiration. The fastest way to delve it: stripping everything back to its essence and letting go of pre-crisis leadership notions.

Wikipedia offers a good starting point: ‘Inspiration is prior to consciousness and outside of skill... Technique and performance are independent of inspiration... Inspiration refers to an unconscious burst of creativity.‘     

Apparently inspiration can happen through us but not consciously by us. We cannot instigate it personally, no matter how good our technique, skill or performance. We cannot ‘do’ inspiration to someone else. We can become a temporary embodied source of inspiration, however, we are never inspiration itself.

In other words: true inspiration is not dependent on a person’s intention or position. It’s not something that a person can influence or even take credit for. It actually by-passes the conscious personal mind. Inspiration therefore is non-personal.


Generally speaking, people in leadership positions have been taught to take personal responsibility for inspiration; it has been up to them to ‘inspire’ others to follow their lead. An impossible task in the long run, because inspiration simply cannot be manipulated!

Leadingship is all about lifting that heavy weight off the shoulders. It’s all about making professional influencers available to the power & efficiency of Non-Personal Inspiration. It’s all about making them acutely aware to what is being asked from them in the moment. Stale personified responsibility gets replaced by fresh all-inclusive response-ability (i.e. the natural reaction to what the context is asking for in that specific moment). And because response-ability looks and feels effortless, it naturally inspires others to follow this example. A very efficient and natural leadership dynamic that speaks to today’s increasingly complex and fast changing world.

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